MCM launched on hashpool

Currency for the
Post-Quantum Era

A truly decentralized quantum-resistant blockchain that’s lightweight, fast and scales.
Blockchain reborn and rewritten with a poetic license.
Maximum Supply: 76,533,882
Mineable Coins: 71,776,816 (93.8%)
Mining Algorithm: Trigg’s Algorithm – PoW
Difficulty Adjustment: Every Block
Target Block Time: 337.5 Seconds
Genesis Block: June 25th, 2018
Network TX Fee: .0000005 MCM (fixed)
Starting reward: 5.0 MCM / Block
Per Block Reward Increment (through Block 373,760 4 Years: .00015 MCM
Max Reward (Block 373,760): 59.17 MCM
Per Block Reward Decrement (through Block 2,097,152 22 Years): .000028488 MCM
Final reward (Block 2,097,153): 5 MCM
Total Mining Duration: ~22 years
Premine Details:
Total Premine: 6.34% (4.76M MCM)
Dev Team Compensation Premine: 4.18% (3.2M MCM)
Other Premine (Managed by the Mochimo Foundation): 2.16% (1.56M MCM)

Genesis Block:
June 25th, 2018 23:40 UTC

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